Healthcare & Medical Industry

Healthcare & medical Industry

TSI Associates is a leading provider of business documents, forms, marketing materials and support services to Hospitals, Medical Groups and Physician Offices in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States.

We provide standard and custom documents, forms, prescription pads, medical record forms, marketing brochures and information sheets to medical facilities across the region. Our talented design and form layout team can create, update and maintain all your critical documents providing revision history and managed updates.


TSI provides a wide range of services to small and large hospitals. We provide to the nursing unit with desktop delivery of products stored at the TSI Warehouse. In addition to standard printed forms and documents, TSI can help manage almost any products from our 30,000 sq ft warehouse and distribution center.

Medical Groups

TSI can help Medical Groups manage your printed documents, forms and marketing materials. We can store them in our warehouse and deliver them to your offices around the state or around the country. Whether standardized forms or customized letterhead and envelopes, TSI can help you manage your operations efficiently and provide you with reports on usage helping you manage your expenses.

Our Variable Print (VIP) system allows you to have a standard brochure, letterhead and business cards while enabling site or user specific information like names or addresses.

Physician Offices

For a single practioner or small group practice with several locations, TSI can provide you with your printing and marketing materials.

Disaster Recover/BCP

TSI can assist you with your Disaster Recover (DR) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP). With our multiple warehouses, Print on Demand (POD) and multiple sourcing for products, TSI is part of your DR/BCP. We can store critical operational documents in multiple locations offsite in case of disaster and deliver materials to your DR/BCP location. Our Account Managers will work with you to identify which items should be stored in multiple locations and which can utilize our POD and VIP programs to quickly replace any damaged or lost materials.

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