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What Are We Thinking?

Posted by borellidesigns
on October 27, 2010

Recently in our Seminar:  Building Your “Personal” Brand we discussed the things you do everyday that feed your mind and make you who you are.  The goal was to:

1.    Make you aware that you feed your mind everyday . . . all day

2.    Demonstrate how much you control this input

3.     Get you to direct it in a positive and nurturing direction

A great place to begin is in how you talk to yourself everyday.  We talk to ourselves more in one day than anyone else.  Positive self-talk can change your attitude and, therefore, change the environment around you.  It can be the difference in how people react to you . . . the difference of drawing people to you or driving them away.

Here is a simple, yet very effective exercise to get started that you can do while you drive to work:

1.    What do you think about as you drive?

2.    What do you listen to?

3.     What feeds your mind as you drive?

Become aware, be present and in control of how you start your day.  After you have evaluated it, how can you improve it to create a more positive and nurturing environment to start your day?

Do it and let me know if you decide to change anything.  Your input is always welcomed.

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Printing & Forms

Posted by borellidesigns
on September 2, 2010
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Printing and Forms
The backbone of all businesses is their day to day operational forms. Their function and performance is relied on by everyone – from the user to the recipient. Whether it is a stock item off the shelf or a custom form or label, we can supply it all. With over 35 years experience in the business forms world, TSI is a leader in this field. The following is just a few that fall in this category.

Our Capabilites Include:

  • Continuous Forms
  • Checks
  • Letterheads and Envelopes
  • Snapset Forms
  • Tax Forms
  • OCR and Scan Documents
  • Cut Sheet and padded Forms
  • Software Compatible Forms
  • Pressure Seal Documents
  • Stock Computer Paper & Forms
  • Bar Codes on Forms and Labels
  • Marketing Materials
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Inventory Management

Posted by borellidesigns
on August 25, 2010
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Inventory Management
TSI Inventory Management and Reporting program has features that provide online order/inventory/fulfillment – 24/7 with a click of your mouse.

The ease of our managed pick and pack system – to checking stock with online reports helps control inventory levels and makes restocking your shelves or any other location a desktop function.

The vast variety of online options will be customized to meet all of your immediate and future needs.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Fulfillment & Kitting
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans
  • Mass Distributions & Roll-outs
  • Digital Print on-Demand
  • Multiple Warehouses, 30,000+ square ft
  • Cost Allocation & Reporting
  • Real-time Inventory Status

Our inventory management specialists are available to answer your questions.

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Marketing Solutions

Posted by borellidesigns
on August 17, 2010
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Let TSI bring our broad expertise and experience in all facets of business marketing on board to help you target and solve your Marketing issues. With one call, the TSI team will work with you to identify your needs, the uniqueness of your brand or organization and target your audience by developing a marketing strategy. A single brochure to a multi-touch campaign, TSI has the resources, the experience and the solutions to make it successful.

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Social Networking & The Workplace

Posted by borellidesigns
on August 17, 2010

As promised in the previous blog post, today we will discuss the answers to the questions:

1. Why are 54% banning Social Media in the workplace?
2. Why are ONLY 54% banning Social Media in the workplace?

The list of reasons that follow have been assembled from various sources, direct conversations, and our own experiences here at TSI. Let’s Connect an e-book by Jan Vermeiren and Web Marketing by Stephanie Diamond are two sources that are very informative. So let’s get started.

1. Why are 54% banning Social Media at work?
    (Here are some of the reasons various sources provided.)
     A. Effect productivity, increase mistakes, and jeopardize security.
     B. Clogs the bandwidth other employees are using to conduct legitimate business.
     C. Feeds and leads to Social Media addiction (approximately 14% of users are addicted).
     D. Hackers are 10 times more successful on social networking sites.
     E. 5 million workdays lost per year (WOW!).

The list goes on, but you get the idea. So after reading this, the second question remains . . .

2. Why are only 54% banning Social Media at work?

     A. The #1 answer is moral. People view it as an attack to their freedom, and right or wrong, are offended or personally insulted.
     B. Leverage . . . the social network value of the employees and their relationships.
     C. Discover what is being said about their business . . . good or bad.
     D. Create communities, welcome participation, and appear more human than an impersonal business.

The choice is difficult. The rewards or failures nebulous. Everyone feels they have rights, but with these rights, remember, comes responsibilities and consequences. Personal responsibility on the one hand is great, but risky. Control and constricting policies on the other hand improve security but at what cost to moral, culture, and discovery of what is being said about your company on the internet.

The question is not should Social Media be happening during business hours,
but rather, who should have access, for what reasons
and what results are expected?

Social Media is a potential business tool for:
     Public Relations
     Brand Defense

Learning to live with it could prove to be a profitable and productive choice. All comments and opinions are welcomed and appreciated.

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Procurement & Sourcing

Posted by borellidesigns
on August 16, 2010
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You need it, we find it and deliver it!

TSI’s experience and our global network of reliable and quality resources give us the edge in acquiring the right quality and quantity at the right time, from the right source and delivering to the right place on time.

Our long-term relationships with top notch craftsmen and experts in their field, continues to keep TSI on the cutting edge with trends and new innovations.

We want to be the source you rely on for your business purchases – both operational and marketing.

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Fulfillment & Distribution

Posted by borellidesigns
on August 15, 2010
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A conveyor belt loaded with cardboard boxes

Project Management – Assembling, packing and distributing from the simple to the complex.  Our labeling and tracking system ensures your product will arrive on time as well as helping to prevent shipment loss or mismanagement.

Our time tested quality control protocol is used for all fulfillment projects to assure a successful fulfillment or distribution program.

Incorporate our Item & Inventory Management Program and you will have the capabilities of cost allocation and periodic inventory audits at your fingertips.  A wide array of online systems are available to manage and distribute your inventory.

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Consulting and Training

Posted by borellidesigns
on August 14, 2010
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Our high energy and informative training seminars have helped groups and individuals bring into focus timely and relative topics. From business trends to customer relationships these sessions provide motivating and insightful information that have been used at sales meetings, chamber events, business functions and national trade show.

TSI specializes in recognizing business and marketing problems and shapes solutions to meet your needs. The ever-changing climate of trends, plus the variety of crisis situations that most business people face almost daily, makes TSI’s expertise in finding the right solution at a good value a first line of contact for both large and small businesses. Our broad knowledge and experience in Operations, Technology, Marketing and Printing allows TSI to work with you to solve a wide variety of business problems.

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Graphic Design & Concepts

Posted by borellidesigns
on August 13, 2010
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TSI’s award winning graphics team, in both design and creativity, can help you with every stage of your project. Our menu of services includes: brochures, marketing materials, web development, copywriting, and photography.

The TSI “Agency Level” graphic design services are affordable which helps you deliver your message, as well as build and develop brand recognition. We use our experience to help you reach your goals.

Our extensive resources of material, ink, and finishing can turn an ordinary design into a creative masterpiece!

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Labels & Packaging

Posted by borellidesigns
on August 12, 2010
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Labels and Packaging
Everything comes in its own unique packaging. It can be an envelope, a polybag, or an attractive custom container, we have the sources and experts to manage your project from concept to completion.

From basic corrugated cartons to an eco-engineered masterpiece, we can help you create the product that best fits your needs.

Producing even a simple label requires expertise and precision. Whether it’s eight colors or blank, die cut or butt cut, rolls or sheets, permanent or removable adhesive, outdoor or indoor, we put it all together so your product performs to your unique specifications.

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